Tesla Automation Hero

Application Process

Please send your application to TA-Recruitment@tesla.com. For written applications, you can use the following address:
Tesla Automation GmbH Recruiting Team
Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 14
54595 Prüm, Deutschland.

Our mission

Accelerating the shift toward sustainable transport and energy consumption by producing the world’s best electric cars and energy storage systems, through advanced manufacturing automation processes. We hire the world’s best and brightest people to help make this future a reality.

Working at Tesla Automation

The fast pace and stimulating work environment are not created with limiting structures. We believe that individual empowerment and complete focus on innovation is the difference between us and the rest. With locations in Prüm, Neutraubling and Neuwied, Tesla Automation is pushing the boundaries of automation technology to support Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world´s transition to sustainable energy.